Monday, May 28, 2007


Jet-Ski is the brand name of personal watercraft (PWC) affected by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd... The name, however, has become a widespread trademark for any type of personal watercraft. Jet Ski (or Jet Ski) can also specially refer to versions of PWCs with pivoting handle poles known as "stand-ups".
Jet Ski becomes leading colloquial term for stand-ups because, in 1973, Kawasaki was in charge for a limited production of stand-up models as intended by the recognized inventor of jet skis, Clayton Jacobsen II. In 1976, Kawasaki then began mass manufacture of the JS400-A. JS400s came with 400 cc two-stroke engines and hulls based upon the previous incomplete release models. It became the harbinger of the achievement Jet-Skis would see in the market up through the 1990s.
In 1986 Kawasaki broadened the world of Jet Skis by introduce a two person representation with lean-in "sport" style handling and a 650cc engine, dubbed the X-2. Then in 1989, they innovate their first two traveler "sit-down" model, the Tandem Sport (TS) with a step-through seating area.
In 2003, Kawasaki famous the Jet Ski brand by release a special 30th anniversary edition of its current stand-up model, the SX-R, which has seen a renewal of interest in stand-up jet skiing. The X-2 has also been efficient, based on the SX-R platform and re-released in Japan. Kawasaki continues to produce three models of sit-downs, as well as many four-stroke models.

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