Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Croydon Airport in 1939

A further item that caught the eye of visitor and traveller alike was the time zone be head and shoulders above in the booking hall with its dials depicting the times in different parts of the world. The aerodrome was known the world over, its fame being extend by the many aviators and pioneers who touched down at Croydon. Here is a list of them: Alan Cobham, who flew from Croydon to Cape Town and back in 1925-6; Charles Lindbergh, who flew into Croydon in 1927 shortly later than completing the first solo trans-Atlantic flight; Bert Hinkler, who made the initial flight from Croydon to Darwin, Australia in 1928; Charles Kingsford Smith, who beat Hinkler's record; Amy Johnson, the first woman to fly from Croydon to Australia, later to return to Croydon to a jubilant welcome. When war was stated in September 1939, Croydon Airport was closed to civil aviation. It played a very important role as a fighter station during the Battle of Britain and was attacked in the first major raid over the London area. Factories in its instant vicinity were approximately destroyed with the loss of six airmen and over 60 civilians

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