Monday, April 21, 2008

Telephone Features Information

These features are for digital telephones only. You may refer to the campus directory, on page A-5 for analog instructions. Should you have any questions about these features, please contact Silvia at extension 5050.

Placing A Call - Pickup the handset, or press the "Handsfree" button.

Transferring - Press the "Transfer" button, without putting caller on hold. Dial desired extension and press the "Transfer" key again.

Conference - Without putting caller on hold, press "Conference" button. Dial desired phone number and press "Conference" button again. Continue this process until all parties are connected.

Call Forward - This feature is used when you are either out of the office or you don't want to be disturbed. Simply press "Forward" button, enter extension you would like to forward to (6060 for voice mail). Press "Forward" button again. To cancel, press "Forward" button again. If you need to forward to the same number again, press "Forward" button twice.

Message Waiting - On all digital phones, you have a red light that with light up when you have messages. Simply press your "Message" key, enter 6060 to access voice mail (unless you have auto login).

Last # Redial - This feature allows you to call that last number dialed without dialing the entire number again. Lift your handset and press your extension button twice. If you have handsfree, you may simply press the extension button twice.

Hold Button - Press the "Hold" button and it puts the caller on hold. To retrieve the call, press your line button next to the flashing indicator.

Ring Again - This feature allows you to call a number (on campus only) continuously until the line becomes available. When you hear the busy tone, press the "Ring Again" button, then hang up. When your phone rings, and the "Ring Again" button flashes, press the "Ring Again" button to complete the call. However, Ring Again does not work when the called number has voice mail.

Call Pickup - To answer another phone in your call pickup group, lift your handset and press the "Call Pickup" button.

Speed Call - This feature allows you to place calls to frequently called numbers by entering a 1- or 2- digit code. Press the "Speed Call" button and dial the code.

Voice Mail - This feature allows people to leave messages for you through Meridian Mail. On digital telephones, a red light will blink when new messages have arrived. Simply press the "Message" button to access your voice mail.

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