Monday, July 28, 2008

IP telephony

Internet Protocol (IP) telephony recognized as Internet telephony is an examination based on Voice over IP, a disturbing technology that is quickly gaining ground beside traditional telephone network technologies. In Japan and South Korea up to 10% of subscribers, as of January 2005, have switch to this digital telephone tune. A January 2005 Newsweek article recommended that Internet telephony may be "the next big thing.

IP telephony uses a broadband Internet connection and IP Phones to broadcast conversation as data packets. In addition to replace POTS, IP telephony is also challenging with mobile phone networks by offering free or lower cost associations via WiFi hotspots. VoIP is also used on secret wireless networks which may or may not have a tie to the outside telephone network.

IP telephony technology transform many non-telephone electronics strategy into unified transportation devices which simulate telephone usage, such as adding telephone-like features to moveable game devices, digital picture frames, or handheld GPS receiver, typically by incorporate a voice engine. When used on a personal computer, an IP telephone is referred to as a soft phone.

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