Monday, March 08, 2010

Review on Advent Vedona P

The Advent line of laptops is exclusive to PC World stores and the Advent Verona P is the latest ultra-slim machine on offer. It comes with 1 13.3-inch screen and entry-level CPU. It’s also a good looking with plenty of style. Find out how practical it is with our Advent Verona P review.

The Advent Verona P is an entry-level laptop based around a 13.3-inch screen and uses Intel’s new CULV processor, in this instance the Intel Pentium Processor SU2700, to deliver performance akin to that of a netbook.

Backed by 3072MB of memory and rounded out with a 250GB hard drive, the Advent Verona makes a decent secondary laptop, idea for using around the house, for example.

What’s more, it’s an incredibly slim laptop and compact laptop that weighs in at just 1.7kg, so is incredibly easy to take on the road with you. Sadly, the basic machine only comes with a 3-cell battery pack, which offers up to three hours of battery life at best.

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