Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lenovo launched IdeaPad Y560d multimedia 3D laptop

Lenovo has launched its first multimedia 3D laptop with the release of its IdeaPad Y560d notebook.

The 3D laptop is designed for the high-end gaming market and users that seek high performance, gaming and multimedia capabilities said Chet Joshi, an account executive at Lenovo Canada.

The IdeaPad Y560d is a 15.6-inch slim form factor laptop that's 3D enabled, providing its users with a 3D experience similar to what they'd get at home or in a movie theatre, he added.

"Right now the 3D notebook is still a niche market," Joshi said. "But there are actually a lot of games that were developed in years past that are 3D-ready, and with 3D becoming popular with movies we think the market will exponentially explode. This provides instant gratification because users are viewing multimedia in 3D."

For channel partners, even though 3D laptops serve a niche community, because the units are designed to be higher-end the margins are better, Joshi said. Partners can also see their revenues soar when they sell complementary accessories such as speakers, adapters, batteries and multimedia remote controls.

The notebook features a high-definition 16:9 widescreen display and comes with a pair of polarized glasses which are compatible with 3D movies and games. The average battery life for the unit is estimated to be about four to five hours, with the possibility of more, depending on how the notebook is used, Joshi said.

In addition, the laptop is built with TriDef 3-D technology, which enables users to view their standard 2D video and photos in a 3D format.

"TriDef takes standard movies and photos and converts them to make them 3D on the screen," he said.

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